Kanade Yagi #1

Kanade Yagi was born in Saitama, Japan. She studied contemporary art in Tokyo Zokei University and CCA Kitakyushu. Since 1999, she has been creating time-based artwork for public spaces while exploring situational concepts. Her artworks often focus on shifting the relationships between subject and object, as she traverses between the human timescale and other timescales (for example, astronomical timescale). She began to travel abroad extensively in 2013 to research various socio-cultural conditions and to widen the scope of her art practice. The first country she visited for research was the Philippines, where she worked on “Escolta Biennale,” a continuing project with 98B Collaboratory. In 2014, she started to do research in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Influenced by the independent spirit of artists from both Philippines and Indonesia, she put up Tokyo Independent Collaboratory (-TIC), a platform to make projects across disciplines.