Marika Constantino

Marika B. Constantino is a visual artist who has participated in exhibitions in the Philippines and abroad. As a freelance writer, she has contributed to a number of publications. She shares her various experiences in the art practice to a wider audience as an educator and an independent curator. Currently, she is the Special Projects Head of 98B COLLABoratory.

98B COLLABoratory is a Manila based artist-run-initiative and space. She currently co-directing its programs together with its founders Mark Salvatus and Mayumi Hirano. Since her involvement with 98B in the last three years, she has become more immersed in her practice as an artist-curator, interested in conceptualizing activities to bridge art and the public and captivated by the possibilities of what communities borne out of creativity can realize.

This experience had made her more curious about the following:

  • pre-occupation of curation from the artist’s perspective,
  • urban interventions and mediations,
  • alternative forms in promoting and developing the contemporary art practice,
  • experimental models of social engagement through the practice of art, and
  • the roles and trajectories that art practitioners take on to execute the ideas and concepts in relation to the above-mentioned modalities.

She conducts a research called Project:Project, it aims to explore the initiators and incubators of meaningful, community-based efforts in South East Asia and East Asian countries where contemporary art is thriving. It will survey the projects that were conceptualized by spaces, collectives or artists outside of the institutional framework. Focus will be given to durational, site-specific, serial and socially-engaged undertakings which were launched in the last three years and those still existing while this inquiry is being executed. This is an attempt to generate new avenues, fortify existing links and build prospects and opportunities amongst creatives.

Project:Project hopes to provide a montage of the diverse projects being executed in the region in the last three years and those still existing while this study is being undertaken. This study aims to connect these various exploits to form a bigger picture. Awareness, consideration and insight are keys to solidifying this network of engagement, regional dialogues and communal constructions.

This survey will assist in profiling and clarifying particular roles, characters, tasks and responsibilities pertaining to the contemporary art practice based on actual practitioners and from an Asian context. This is not to impose a system, structure or code but to establish a better understanding of the different functions and archetypes that, most often than not, are pragmatically assumed, subsumed or conferred as necessitated by the project or initiative. It explores the incubators or initiators as different case studies and modalities of practice. In the process, a possible matrix could be initiated based on the attendant motivations, advocacies or grounds from when and how this charge was discharged.

Moreover, this research would also provide artists/artist-curators/researchers/cultural workers the linkage to create other projects, continue discourses and more importantly, exchange knowledge and experiences to further the praxis in the region.